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Home Care Services

Our professional caregivers allow your loved one to retain their privacy, independence and live safely in their own home. Activities of daily life can unnecessarily exhaust the patient - whether elderly, disabled, recovering from surgery or the like - we can all use a little extra help from time to time. 

Why not choose a truly caring team who can marry these services with skilled nursing for the patient who needs more? Your connection for real continuity of care that will provide peace of mind for your family.

Prescription Drugs


Services may include - 

  • Home Assistance

    • Meal Planning / Preparation

    • Light Housekeeping 

    • Grocery Shopping

    • Laundry Assistance

    • Errands

    • Doctor Appointment Transport and Companion

    • Medication Reminders 

    • Family Respite

  • Personal Assistance

    • Bathing

    • Dressing

    • Personal Hygiene

    • Grooming

    • Mobility Assistance

    • Incontinence Care

Every client is unique. Their needs and wishes vary thus, we customize each Home Care package to meet your loved ones' needs. 

Home Nurse Examining Patient
Elder woman and her caretaker
Home Infusion

Our home infusion service provides the nursing, drugs and administrative supplies to support the patients' infusion needs, whether by injection or catheter. 


Diseases that are treated with infusion therapy include -

  • Infections that are not responsive to oral antibiotics, 

  • Cancer and cancer-related pain, 

  • Dehydration, 

  • Gastrointestinal diseases or disorders. 


Other conditions that are treated with infusion therapy are -

  • Cancers, 

  • Congestive heart failure, 

  • Crohn's Disease, 

  • Hemophilia, 

  • Immune deficiencies, 

  • Multiple sclerosis, 

  • Rheumatoid arthritis.


Home Infusion, outside the hospital or clinic setting, is a preferred option for those facing a chronic illness, recuperating from surgery, or being treated for an infection. A safe and cost-effective alternative to a hospital stay that allows individuals to maintain their normal daily activities.

Supplemental Staffing

Access to quality healthcare professionals is an ever-growing issue. 


We take great pride in recruiting only the very best in our area for our patients and to supplement the organizational needs locally. From physician offices to nursing facilities to hospitals, every community in the United States can count on Innovation Healthcare Solutions. That's right, we can supplement staff anywhere across our country!


We can provide RN and LPN staff as well as, Certified Nursing Assistants and Sitters (under the supervision of a Registered Nurse).


Skilled nursing professionals want the opportunity to serve their patients in the manner that they believe is best while retaining flexibility in their chosen profession. To be able to provide quality CARE is the desire of our team members. Want to join our team - take the first step and complete the application on this site. 

Drug and Syringe
Smiling medical personel
Hospital Corridor
Foot Care Nurse

A skilled nursing foot care service - not to be confused with a pedicure. 


Professional foot care enhances health by preventing falls and wounds. Our service improves foot function, mobility and balance. Feet should not be painful or swollen - let us make your feet happy.  Services include -

  • Trimming, filing and reducing nails,

  • Brining thick and fungal nails,

  • Addressing calluses, corns, peeling and cracked skin,

  • Enhancing circulation, 

  • Reducing pain in the toes and feet.


When your feet feel good, your entire body feels better. 

Foot Care Nurse Massaging
Peace of Mind Calls

Planning a trip? Need someone to check-in with your loved one? 


Our caring staff will be happy to contact them. Make sure they are alright, listen for anything that seems out of the ordinary and even remind them to take their medication (if needed). 


The goal is to make sure they are safe and to give peace of mind to the family that someone is checking on the person they love everyday.

Peace of Mind Call to Patient

Nursing Skills Workshop

Keep your staff up-to-date! 


Build the confidence and competency of your staff in the skills needed to work effectively and efficiently in an adult skilled nursing rehab or, basic medical/surgical care setting. The goal is to update their knowledge, let them practice the skills needed and develop confidence in the processes required for common acute care nursing skills. 

Nurse's Desk - TB Testing

CPR & First Aid Training

For the non-healthcare professional, our educational classes provide the life-saving skills needed until emergency assistance arrives. 


For healthcare providers, our classes meet the requirements for renewal certifications. 


All classes are American Heart Association certified. We offer training for:


  • Healthcare industry professionals, 

  • Company workplace professionals, 

  • Individuals, 

  • Families and Groups.

CPR and First Aid Training
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