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Dr. Katetia Bennett

is an advance nurse educator who helps home schooled high school students (courses), individuals interesting pursing a healthcare career, nursing students and nurses with essential tools needed to advance in their careers or academically. 


Before starting her freelance worked she worked 24 years in the healthcare industry. Although she was doing what she loved there was a continuous desire to provide more for the students’ lacking resources to be successful in academia, the individual with the burning desire to go to school but do not know where to begin, the burnt-out floor nurse etc. After months of contemplation she decided to provide individuals with a place to obtain tutoring, advisement, coaching, motivation, specialized courses, career advancement assistance and much more. 

She holds a B.S. in Laboratory Animal Science (1997) and Nursing (2005), master’s in science in Education (1998) and Nursing (2018) and a PhD in public health specializing in community and health promotion (2014).  She has been an educator in several states and worked with students all around the country which has molded her beliefs in equality, diversity, and strong partnerships.  Following her passion with instruction she firmly believes that successful advancement is about resources, guidance, faith, persistence.


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